Peat 1993

Biddy Nicholson (b. 1969), Peat, 1993, oil on canvas, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery (High Life Highland), © the artist. Image: Highland Council
Peat (etching), Biddy Nicholson (b. 1969), 1993
© the artist. Image kindly provided by Biddy Nicholson 

Biddy Nicholson writes:

“Peat was painted a number of years ago following a week spent in Sutherland with sketch book and camera. It was the first time I became aware of the extensive peat bogs and I was able to watch peat being cut and left to dry. There was something compelling about the unending landscape and the memories and feelings fed into the creation of my work. At the time I was unaware of the ecological importance of the peat bogs.

Peat was exhibited in my solo exhibition at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and was subsequently bought by the Museum where it has been used as part of an exhibit showing the historical uses of peat in the Highlands”